• Red Cat is Founded

    Red Cat is founded to address a growing need in the rapidly evolving drone ecosystem for a simple and secure data storage and analytics solution

  • Red Cat Moves to Puerto Rico

    Red Cat is moved to Humacao, Puerto Rico

  • Red Cat Opens 2nd Office

    Red Cat opens its second office in Mayaguez Puerto Rico.

  • Black Box Alpha

    Red Cat creates its alpha version of the Black Box.

  • Partnership with UPR

    Red Cat enters into a partnership aggreement with the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

  • Huricane Maria

    Our HQ gets hit by the devastating huricane Maria

  • Blockchains Conference

    Red Cat starts its Pre-Sale Launch and attends the Blockchain Unbound Conference

  • Pre-Sale Ends

    Red Cat finishes its pre-sale.

  • Beta Release

    Red Cat releases its first beta of the Blackbox application.

  • Token Sale

    Red Cat commences its token sale.

  • First Person View (FPV) Freedom Coalition

    Red Cat became a founding member of the First Person View (FPV) Freedom Coalition after the coalition’s official launch as a 501(c)(3) organization. As part of the coalition, Red Cat will continue advocating for airspace for recreational drone pilots and FPV operators, provide safety and education guidelines compliant with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), and integrate the FPV community into the regulatory framework as an FAA community-based organization (CBO).

  • Reverse Merger with TimeFireVR

    Red Cat today announced the successful completion of a reverse merger with TimeFireVR, d/b/a TeraForge